Welcome to our 2022-2023 Season!

Welcome from our new chairperson of the board.

Posted on: August 21, 2022
Written by: Zachary Centers

I am thrilled to be returning as Theatre in the Groves chairperson of the board of directors, and even more excited for the return of a full season of live theatre.  Production and rehearsals are in full gear for the first show of our 2022-2023 season, Little Shop of Horrors. Tickets are now on sale, so be sure to get yours before it sells out!

This last spring Theatre in the Grove was overwhelmed with support from the community for Mamma Mia!, our first production since the pandemic started. The joy brought to the community from live theatre is un matched and that was seen on and off stage during Mamma Mia.

We hope to bring more of the same enthusiasm to our next season. Learn more information about our 2022-2023 season.

As we move forward keep an eye out for the return our children’s theatre programs. CAST is such an important and gratifying part of Theatre in the Grove, and we hope to bring back a safe, fun, and rewarding learning experience in the theatre for the youth of the community in 2023. Once again thank you for all the support you have given to our theatre community. We hope to see you soon!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Bud Reece, our outgoing chairperson of the board.  Bud has worked with Theatre in the Grove for many years and in many roles.  Without his dedication and hardwork, Theatre in the Grove would be a different place.  Bud continues serving as a member-at-large on the board of directors and as our historian and archivist.  THANK YOU BUD!!!

I, along with the rest of the board of directors, are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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Zachary Centers

Zachary Centers

Zachary is the chairperson of the Theatre in the Grove board of directors.