Volunteer Training

Thank you for volunteering. This page contains important information on what you’ll be doing when you volunteer. Please review it before your first volunteer slot.

Training for Volunteer Roles


Role Descripton Checklist
(we suggest you download & print)
Additional Training
Usher Ushers help our patrons to their seats (if they need it).  You’ll need to know the basic layout of the theatre, how seats and rows are numbered. Most importantly, you’ll need to be able to smile and say ‘welcome’.  You’ll need to be at the theatre 1 hour before each show starts.  Download the Checklist
Box Office Box office volunteer processes sells tickets day of the show.  Because of this, you will need skills in counting cash, using a computer, and using our ticketing software.   The box office opens 1 hour prior to a performance and closes at the start of the show. Download the Checklist


Training Video on Ludus Ticketing Software 


Alcohol Server We have a limited on-prem license and sell wine, beer and hard cider. You must be over 21 and have an Oregon Alcohol Servers Permit (if you don’t have one, we will pay for you to get one).  You are responsible for taking orders, pouring, processing cash and credit card payments.  You will also need to sign the TITG House Alcohol Policy.

Download the Checklist

Download the TITG House Alcohol Policy

 Training Video on Square Terminal
Concessions Concessions volunteer works our concession stand.  We sell candy, hot and cold beverages.  You’ll need to be able to count cash, work our credit card machine, and be able to stock our concessions.  Concessions are open 1 hour prior to the show starting and during an intermission, if there is one.

Download the Checklist

Detailed Instructions

 Training Video on Square Terminal




Q. What should I wear?
A. Anything casual is fine (jeans, etc). However, if you have darker, solid clothes to wear that helps make the theatre look more professional.

Q. What should I do when I first get there?
A. Check in with the board member on duty (BOD).  They will help you get started.

Q. I’ve never volunteered before.  Will you train me?
A. Yes!  We provide the training above as well as in-person/hands-on training.

Q. I’m no longer able to work my shift. What should I do?
A. Please let us (volunteer-coordinator@theatreinthegrove.org) know as soon as possible (at least 1-2 day’s notice) so they can find a replacement.  Or call 503.359.5349 and leave a message.

More Questions?

If you have questions about what you need to do, please send an email to business-manager@theatreinthegrove.org or volunteer-coordinator@theatreinthegrove.org.