May 2021 Treasurer’s Update

State COVID release funds and four months of rent from Pacific University have helped us pay our bills.

Posted on: May 11, 2021
Written by: Robin Reece Michaels

State COVID Relief funds and four months of rent from Pacific University (who used our large auditorium for spaced classroom seating) have helped us to pay our utilities, rent, and all the other expenses required to keep us going during this “dark” time. And thanks to our online Gala in December (thank you, Jennifer Grimes!) and ongoing generous donations, we have been able to work on maintaining our building. We feel confident we will be able to weather the storm for several more months. Many thanks to all of our donors!

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About the Author

Robin Reece Michaels

Robin Reece Michaels

Robin is TitG Treasurer and is on the Board of Directors. Robin has long been a fan of community theater. She has been involved with TITG for many years – both from the stage and from the audience. She joined the board in August 2020.