August 2021 Update

We have survived the closures of 2020 and 2021. We have maintained our financial strength. And we have hopes and plans for the future. We will continue to work on…

Posted on: August 27, 2021
Written by: Bud Reece
The new and improved Theatre in the Grove Marquee

A Message from the TiTG Chair

The theatre has been dark, but I don’t have to tell you that. That doesn’t mean we’ve been idle. Behind the scenes a lot has happened. So let me give you a quick look at TITG over the past year and a half, our current status, and our near future.

After our last production, Mary Poppins Jr., in March, 2020 we went dark, as did everyone else. We canceled plans for Mama Mia, and Harvey, our spring shows as well as our Gala Fundraising celebration. In June it was obvious we could not expect to produce any shows in 2020 so we entered into negotiations with Pacific University to rent the auditorium to them to use as a socially distanced classroom. We were able to put 42 students in the auditorium with the with the professor on stage. We installed projectors and two large projection screens on the proscenium. The university started in August and used our auditorium through November which provided much needed revenue.

COVID Relief

Also, through the Federal Covid relief act, a portion of the funds distributed by the State of Oregon came to closed entertainment venues to help maintain themselves through the pandemic shutdowns. TITG received a grant sufficient to cover our expenses from March, 2020 through June, 2021. In November and December, 2020, we held our Gala Fundraising auction via Zoom, raising over $7000.

Through the pandemic shutdown, so far, we have been able to maintain the theatre and make repairs and updates to our building. Most obvious of these projects was the completion of our beautiful marquee. Also, you may not be aware, in the 1990’s our pit was subject to flooding from groundwater during the winter rains. At that time, a temporary system of drains and sump pumps was installed to keep the pit dry. That failing 25-year-old “temporary” system has now been replaced by a permanent system to keep our musicians dry for another 25 years or more. Backstage, a new stairway and lighting system to the lower dressing rooms has been built and a new stage manager desk and lighting has been installed.

Progress Continues

You may have seen our new website, if not, take a look. We have hired a webmaster who built the new site and will help us keep it up to date and growing. One project will be an archives page where we will make available TITG history, images of programs, and photos from shows past. Also on our website you will find photos and bios of your board of directors.

Currently, we are not planning any productions in this calendar year. We had hoped to produce a Christmas season show, but current developments in the pandemic growth led us to cancel that idea. Our plan at this time is to produce a big musical, Mama Mia in the spring and hold a celebratory Gala to mark the reopening of Theatre in the Grove.

In summary, so far, we have survived the closures of 2020 and 2021. We have maintained our financial strength. And we have hopes and plans for the future. We will continue to work on improving and maintaining our building. If you would like to volunteer to help as projects arise, get your name and contact information to our volunteer coordinator at our website.

Covid Policies

PLEASE NOTE: The Board of directors has established masking and vaccine status policies for all persons entering Theatre in the Grove:

  1. All persons 3 years old and above must wear face masks in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  2. All persons 12 years old and above must be fully vaccinated against the Covid virus.

Keep a positive outlook, be safe and healthy, and keep checking the website from time to time. As we know more, we will let you know right away.

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About the Author

Bud Reece

Bud Reece

Bud is the Chairperson of the TitG Board of Directors. He has been associated with TITG for over 30 years. He first appeared on our stage in October, 1990 in Pinocchio. He has worked in almost every aspect of production He has served numerous years on the Board.