Volunteer Roles and Tasks

No previous experience is required! We will train you for your volunteer position

Roles and Tasks


Maybe the most rewarding volunteer role of all, you’ll be helping our patrons to their seats (if they need it).  You’ll need to know the basic layout of the theatre, how seats and rows are numbered. Most importantly, you’ll need to be able to smile and say ‘welcome’.  You’ll need to be at the theatre 1 hour before each show starts. You’re welcome to leave after the show starts, or you can stay and watch it at no charge!

House Manager

As House Manager, you examine/scan each patron’s ticket to make sure it’s valid. You coordinate between the stage manager and the front lobby indicating when patrons may enter the house.  You have the all-powerful role of opening and closing the curtain between the house and the lobby.  You’ll also help control the flow of late comers to a show, ensuring they are not disruptive to the audience.  When not performing your duties as House Manager, you may watch the show at no charge.

Box Office Volunteer

As a volunteer working the box office, you’ll help patrons order their tickets on the day of the show.  Because of this, you will need skills in counting cash, using a computer, and using our ticketing software.  But don’t worry, we will provide you the training that you need to be successful.  The box office opens 1 hour prior to a performance and closes at the start of the show. After the show starts, you’re welcome to take a seat and enjoy the production at no charge!


This position involves manning our concession stand.  We sell candy, hot and cold beverages.  You’ll need to be able to count cash, work our credit card machine, and be able to stock our concessions.  Concessions are open 1 hour prior to the show starting and during an intermission, if there is one.  When not working concessions, you can grab a seat and watch the performance at no charge!