Theatre in the Grove is excited to highlight actor Brandon Weaver, who’ll be portraying assassin Charles J. Guiteau in our upcoming production of Sondheim’s dark musical Assassins, opening on September 8th.

Weaver has enjoyed portraying Guiteau’s eccentricities. “His behavior at trial and execution has not been equaled by the most sensational trials since,” Weaver said. “He danced, sang, composed a poem on the morning of his execution and read that poem at his hanging. He had a prearranged signal for the executioner: he dropped the paper with the poem on it, and when it hit the platform, the hangman pulled the lever. Guiteau stumbled on the way to the gibbet and joked to the priest ‘I stubbed my toe on my way to the gallows,’ a sentiment by which he might have summed up his entire life.”

No stranger to the TITG stage, Weaver is excited to be working once again with director Zachary Centers. “He’s always on the ball,” Weaver said. He credits his acting skills to watching and listening to the performers and directors he’s worked with over the years, especially “the experience I have gained at TITG from those with whom I have been privileged to perform.”

To see Brandon Weaver portray the very real Charles J. Guiteau alongside the rest of our amazing cast, click the link in our bio to purchase your tickets now!