Once Upon a Mattress


OCTOBER 1st & 2nd at 6:00 pm
Theatre In The Grove
2028 Pacific Avenue
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116





Please prepare 2 songs (32 bars each) one uptempo musical theater piece and one ballad. Callbacks are at the discretion of the director and would take place on Wednesday October 4th at the Theatre. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the director, Luis Ventura at luisventura.onceupon@gmail.com

An accompanist will be provided for audition pieces.

CHARACTER Breakdown:
Princess Winnifred: Female, 18 +

alto/mezzo nelter, low A to high D-flat, an outspoken tomboy, not sophisticated (from the swamps) but highly intelligent, a breath of rough-around-the-edges fresh air, comedic powerhouse.

Prince Dauntless: Male, 18+

baritone, low A to high E, a sweet but not-too-bright young prince, who has been kept under his mother’s wing (and thumb) his entire life, he yearns to be married, but is prevented by his mother’s strict – and unfair – tests.

Queen Aggravian: Female, 30 +

alto, low A to B, every bit the overbearing mother figure to both her son Dauntless and her kingdom, Queen Aggravain isn’t going to let just any princess up and take her son away from her, loud and sly.

King Sextimus: Male,  30+

the kind and gentle ruler of the kingdom, rendered mute by a witch’s curse, a lovable man with an eye for the ladies of the castle, communicates through gesture/mime.

Lady Larken: Female, 18+

soprano, low D-flat to high A-flat, traditional lady in waiting, romantic, idealistic, but resourceful, has strict ideas about courtly behavior, in love with Sir Harry, but unable to marry him due to Aggravain’s decree.

Sir Harry: Male, 18+

tenor, low C to high F, a dashing young knight, honorable to a fault – if a little full of himself, in love with Lady Larken, every inch the picture of a courtly knight, to the extreme.

Minstrel: Male, 16+

tenor, low D to high A-flat, traveling minstrel who is the storyteller both inside and out of the story, falls for Larken and does everything he can to help her out – forms a trio with the King and the Jester.

Jester: Male, 16+

tenor, low D-flat to high A-flat, the King’s right-hand man and comic relief, dancer with strong physical comedy skills.

Wizard: Male, 18+

baritone, low A to A, the Queen’s confidant and the man behind the impossible tests she gives to each Princess, has a history in show business, does some magic tricks/sleight of hand.

Nightengale of Samarkand: Female, 16+

soprano, G-flat to high G, featured singing role.

Ensemble: Males & Females, 16+

ladies, Lords, Knights and townspeople, all vocal ranges