James and the Giant Peach, Jr. Cast Announced!



Ladahlord…..Orion Cox
James…..Jared Klingler
Ladybug…..Kada Switzer
Grasshopper…..Justice Williams
Spider…..Katie Rice
Earthworm…..Quentin Van Dyke
Centipede…..Kassie Switzer
Spiker…..Athena Van Dyke
Sponge…..Hannah Wilson

The most Fan-tas-marific and Remark-u-lous Ensemble Players:
Abra Freeman, Alayna Izen, Althea Harrelson, Andrew Inman, Aubrey McLain, Bryn Woods, Elanor Wilger, Gwendolyn Woods, Hallie Bartell, Hannah Timm, Irene VanDyke, Lindsey Vuylsteke, Luella Harrelson, Madelyn Lambert, Madison Howarth, Mikala Hoffman, Nathan White, Nicolas Tognoli, Paloma Paz-Rickard, Peri Wineland, Rylie Bartell, Sam Dennis, Sophia Buhler, Sydney Timm, Thomas Tollefson, Vito Bair

Please note other roles and featured characters will be chosen from the Ensemble Players.

Thank you to all that auditioned — we were completely in awe of all the talent!

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