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2014 CAST Summer Playhouse

CAST Playhouse is in its fifth year and provides a free opportunity for the young to be involved in an educational theatrical production. This year, the playhouse will feature two musicals, one for children from age 6 to 12, and one for teens, as well as one non-musical play.

No audition is necessary, children need only register.

For more information for the CAST Playhouses, call 503-359-5349.

To register for the CAST Playhouses, please click here.


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Following is the cast for Theatre in the Grove’s production of

Sky – James Grimes
Sarah Brown – Carly Wasserstien
Nathan – Michael Rouches
Adelaide – Jennifer Yamashiro
Nicely Nicely – Brandon Weaver
Benny Southstreet – Justin Canfield
Harry the Horse – Tom Robbinson
Big Jule – Rod Burt
Arvide Abernathy – Darrell Baker
Rusty Charlie – Tanner Norbury
Lt. Brannigan – Chuck Weed
Liver Lips Louie – Michael Dona
Angie the Ox – Mark Ferris
Joey Biltmore – Julio Montelongo
Scranton Slim -Mark Putnam
General Matilda B. Cartwright – Robin Michaels

Hot Box Girls

1. Madeline Rouches
2. Jeananne Kelsey
3. Dusti Arab
4. TBA

Save-A-Soul Mission Ladies

Agatha – Carole Golart
Beth Self
Genny Gregory

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